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Risk of labor shortages in the construction industry

More stories of new orders and more work.

There has been a lot of talk about the impact of the coronavirus on employment and our labor market. But the fact is that behind the misery, there are also the good and positive stories. At Procur, we want to look forward and cultivate the positive shakes that are out there after all.

After the Prime Minister's latest easing, it may seem that we are not so far from the reality we knew before the Corona crisis broke out. However, there are still concerns in the Iron and Metal industry and in the export industries in particular. 

Nevertheless, there are more sunshine stories about new orders and more work. Of course, we don't know where it will end, but we keep our fingers crossed and hope for a positive development in the Danish labor market. 

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Removal of the construction ceiling

Municipalities have been allowed to accelerate several capital and public investments in 2020. And it is estimated that at least €3.65 billion will be invested, creating over 3,000 new jobs across the country.

Recently, the first projects were released after the removal of the current construction ceiling. This paints a picture that renovations of schools, daycare centers, sports halls and other facility renovations are high on the municipalities' wish list of initiatives to be initiated in 2020. And this is great news for the construction industry in particular. There are already several places where carpentry and demolition workers are in short supply.

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Labor shortage in the construction industry

Carpentry and bricklaying companies report full order books.

It's not only public projects that are filling up the order books in the construction industry. Parts of the private construction sector also seem to be unaffected by the Corona crisis. We have spoken to several small and medium-sized craftsmen companies that are busy in private construction and are currently in need of skilled carpenters, bricklayers and electricians, among others.

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Be well equipped with skilled labor when the orders come in?

We live in a time when being a business owner can be challenging for you. Should you hire permanent employees or should you go for a more flexible solution with temporary and temp-to-hire workers. The flexible solution can be a good idea right now, when uncertainty can be high. This way, you can adjust the number of temporary workers on an ongoing basis. This gives you peace of mind and you'll find it easy to adapt to the volume of orders. It might also make sense to start with a temporary contract - you can always go for a permanent position once you've grown fond of your temps.

At Procur, we help Danish companies find qualified labor every day, so they never have to say no to an order. We believe that your workforce should be built on a serious foundation, and that an acute shortage of labor should never be a main solution. 

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Is your business ready?

Luckily, there's a solution for everything. Including your shortage of skilled labor. Contact us today and let's have a serious talk about your options. That way, we can find the right solution for your business.

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